lonely sad creatures!

It is fine today. The wind does not blow. It is a relatively warm day.
Cherry blossoms have begun to be scattered all at once in this district.
We Japanese learns decisiveness to see cherry blossoms every year. Everybody must not hold on to power and the position forever. It is ugly!
However, on the other hand, there is a proverb Patience wins the day. The patience is aesthetics.
Which is the truth?

Ginkgos of roadside trees have begun to produce leaves all at once these days. After having turned yellow all at once in autumn, they are scattered all. We do not feel decisiveness in them. Anything. . Cleaning like trouble.
Why is it?
Is it discrimination?

We are convenient whimsical creatures.
We solve all the phenomena of the world by their brain levels every day.
They are common sense, and be true.
So that we are hurt in the words that another person was irritated at.
Extremely naturally.
Oh, I misunderstand it!

We must notice our mistakes early.
We are lonely sad creatures!

posted by Nagoya Yokohama Atsugi at 15:08
プリンス オブ オレンジ カルチャー スクールです。悩んだり、怒ったり、一人でイライラしたり、あとで考えると、どうでもいいような事で焦っていたり、ふと気が付くと、胸にポッカリ穴があいたような空しさに泣けてきたりしますよね。何で生きているんだろう?私は誰なんだろう?短い人生ですよね。両腕を少し広げたくらいの一生で、もうどの位生きたのでしょう。今まで私は何をやってきたんだろう!皆答えを探しながら忙しく生きてきました。答えを出すと、また新しい問題が生じます。限りが無いのです。律儀に考えすぎず、少し立ち止まってご自分の時間を限りなくスローにしてみてはいかがですか?






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