It is fine today. The wind does not blow. It is a relatively cold day.

Japan and Asia, the American and European countries are the relations that are on unexpectedly good terms from the Edo era. In the past, there was unhappy war. And both camp rolled up all the countries of the world and made many victims. However, defeat nations received Asia, American and European countries with friendly feeling immediately.

They give Japanese citizens splendid impressions to date from the Edo era.

Figures. Words. Culture. Technology. Thought. Sports. All.

The countries which won the world from late years to the present age.

Portugal. The Netherlands. The U.K. U.S.A.

Big war broke out for at the time of every the change. The present is said then.

The Abe Administration begins to gradually start in Japan. And Prime Minister Abe expresses the continuation of the American affiliation policy. Specifically, it is the continuation of the U.S. dollar standard system. Not yuan and the euro.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the spaceship enterprise had been transported through time in the movie Star Trek: First Contact. And he said to a modern woman.

"Our times do not have money"

"I cannot answer about the building costs of this spaceship"

"the earthian stopped war, and was gathered up in one"

First Contact may come immediately!

Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade
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プリンス オブ オレンジ カルチャー スクールです。悩んだり、怒ったり、一人でイライラしたり、あとで考えると、どうでもいいような事で焦っていたり、ふと気が付くと、胸にポッカリ穴があいたような空しさに泣けてきたりしますよね。何で生きているんだろう?私は誰なんだろう?短い人生ですよね。両腕を少し広げたくらいの一生で、もうどの位生きたのでしょう。今まで私は何をやってきたんだろう!皆答えを探しながら忙しく生きてきました。答えを出すと、また新しい問題が生じます。限りが無いのです。律儀に考えすぎず、少し立ち止まってご自分の時間を限りなくスローにしてみてはいかがですか?






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